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Translating Research Into Policy and Practice

Translating Research Into Policy and Practice: How to Successfully Share Your Findings

Successfully Sharing Your Findings with Policy Makers and Practitioners

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Presenter: Dr. Jo Anne Schneider
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Length: 90 minutes

Evidence based policy and practice involve a partnership between researchers, advocacy organizations, policy makers and practitioners. Many researchers hope to change policy or practice with their research, but most are unclear about how to successfully achieve this goal.

During this insightful Webinar, your expert presenter will use examples from her own experience including: translating research into policy and practice to help researchers identify an appropriate policy or practice audience; clarify what aspects of their research could be used in programs and policy; and successfully work with policy makers and practitioners to move their findings into concrete practice.

Gain expert insight for:

  • Identifying the appropriate policy or practitioner audience for your research
  • Clarifying your goals in translating research into policy or practice
  • Identifying concrete changes that can be made based on your research
  • Reaching a policy audience – op-ed’s, briefings, white papers and other strategies
  • Working with advocacy organizations to change policy or practice
  • Translating research into practice, identifying an appropriate partner
  • Developing a pilot project to translate research into practice
  • Evaluating your pilot, making changes, and disseminating successful models

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Policy looks for easily explained, implementable changes that will build on current policy.
  • Identifying appropriate contacts and advocacy organizations to carry forward a policy message is essential to translate research into policy changes.
  • Practice projects need to identify concrete changes to practice based on research that can be incorporated into programs.
  • Successful translation involves researchers working closely with a practitioner in an iterative project to design and implement a successful evidence based program.
  • Creating a successful program is only half of the battle, researcher/practitioner teams need a strategy to disseminate their evidence based program if it is to change practice in a field.

Who Should Attend:

  • Researchers interested in translating their projects into policy or practice.
  • Organization staff responsible for translation research and evidence based practice.
  • Practitioners interested in identifying research partners to develop evidence based programs.









Dr. Jo Anne Schneider

Dr. Jo Anne Schneider has been translating research into policy and practice since the 1980s. She is a specialist in urban issues, social welfare, health and human services, and health projects with hard to reach populations. Successful policy translation projects include research initiatives that led to changes in Pennsylvania’s welfare policy, developing legislation to address intergroup relations using findings from the Ford foundation sponsored Changing Relations Project, and policy research on disabilities. She had designed numerous evidence based programs on workforce development, intergroup relations, refugee resettlement, and other health and human services projects. She also designed a dissemination model for NIH based on her previous research. She has worked with a combination of government, foundations, national member benefit non-profits, community based organizations, faith communities and marginalized communities (people of color, immigrants/refugees, low income communities, people with disabilities), using advisory committees in all of her projects. A former American Association for the Advancement of Science Policy and Technology Fellow at NIH, she is currently an Associate Research Professor at George Washington University. Recent major projects include the Faith and Organizations Project (, and multiple projects related to social welfare and human services (see Relevant publications include Schneider, J.A. (2006). Social Capital and Welfare Reform, New York: Columbia University Press and the various publications of the Faith and Organizations Project (see project website).

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