How to Effectively Recruit and Maintain Your Clinical Trial Population 

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The recruitment and maintenance of participants for clinical trials has been the leading cause for study delays and the problem continues to grow at an alarming rate. Clinical patient recruitment and maintenance is not a single activity but rather a host of responsibilities. Further, when patient recruitment is inefficient, valuable resources are wasted and precious time is lost.

Let Dr. Shavers walk you through case studies and gain effective approaches to the recruitment process, key pointers to retain your populations, and how-to advice to help you overcome and avoid clinical trial delays.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Strategies for Effective Recruitment and Maintenance
  • Steps To Implement An Evidence-Based Cultural Competency
  • The Lowdown on the Use of Incentives for Recruiting
  • How To Include Minorities, Women, & Children, and Adolescent or Youth Participants
  • Tips for Clinical Trials Relating To Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health


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 Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Clarissa Agee Shavers, D. N. Sc., W. H. N. P. – B. C., TRECOS Fellow, is the Principal Investigator and Program Director of The Safer Tomorrows: Injury Prevention and Violence Reduction Project of the United States of America, Canada, and West Indies Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago located at the Primary Care Office on the east side of Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Shavers, D.N. Sc. has a Doctorate in Nursing Science degree and is a TRECOS fellow (Training Researchers in Community-based Settings and NIH funded fellowship) awarded at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. Also, Dr. Shavers, D. N. Sc. overall scientific and research goal is to continue to conduct her program of research in the areas of injury prevention, violence reduction, and global healthy peaceful conflict evidence-based interventions and inquiry-based practice among women, children, adolescents, families and communities. Dr. Shavers has published in peer refereed journals, serves as a grant reviewer for two organizations and manuscript reviewer for several journals.

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