Mining for Gold: Acquire & Retain
Foundation Funding

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According to the Foundation Center, more than $42 billion in grants comes from independent foundations.

It’s time to look beyond federal agencies! If you aren’t tapping into the private sector for your grant money, you are missing out on an incredible amount of available research dollars. Most principal investigators are familiar with the large federal grant agencies (NIH, NSF and DoD), but there are also huge untapped monies awaiting you in the non-profit and private sectors too! Finally, here’s an orientation, plus an action plan, to get these monies supporting your research.

Mining for Gold: Acquire and Retain Foundation Funding

Join Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) John Greenhoe, as he provides an insightful tour of the independent foundation world including the best ways to cultivate and solicit grant money from the private sector. He will discuss proven methods for building relationships with a variety of foundation funding sources.

Greenhoe will show you how to successfully build lasting partnerships. You will learn how to approach independent foundations, how to write letters of inquiry, and how to follow up. Greenhoe will help you develop a process so you tap into the private sector and ultimately establish lasting and fulfilling partnerships.

Key Webinar Take-Aways

  • Learn where to look for private sector funding, what to do next
  • Proven tactics to make the initial approach
  • Strategies to cultivate different types of foundations
  • Implementation process to establish the lasting and fulfilling partnerships
  • Acquire and Retain More Funding!


  • CD with PDF Handouts — Reg. Price: $197 — Now: Only $129!
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  • PDF Transcript with Handouts — Reg. Price: $197 — Now: Only $129!

Who should listen? Principal Investigators, Research Assistants, Postdocs, Office of Research Services, Grants Office, and anyone else involved in the process of funding.

John Greenhoe CFRE

John Greenhoe, CFRE, grant expert, will serve as the plenary speaker at the American Association of Grant Professionals Summit in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2010. He is also an internationally recognized speaker who is noted for providing intriguing and stimulating presentations centering on the topic of funding and grants. His speaking credits include the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Forum for Fundraising, Development Dialogues, Council for Advancement and Support of Education, Charity Channel and Petrus Development.

Greenhoe has more than 20 years of experience in non-profit leadership roles and currently serves as Director of Foundation Relations at Western Michigan University (WMU). In his role, Greenhoe has developed a proven track record of success in attracting grants from foundations with little to no previous connection to the university. He has also served as fundraising faculty member at WMU and Grand Valley State University, teaching master’s coursework to diverse students hailing from the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa.

Greenhoe is classified as an AFP “Master Teacher” and has a master’s degree in philanthropy and development from Saint Mary’s (Minn.) University. He has maintained his Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) credential since 2000.

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