SBIR Proposal Structure for Academic Investigators
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Although university faculty researchers are typically not the PIs on SBIR proposals, a strong knowledge of this type of proposal’s structure is important when collaborating with a small business. SBIR grants are highly competitive—only one in nine is awarded funding—and they are not right for every PI. Nonetheless, academic investigators play a crucial role in successful SBIR grants. In fact, some choose to start their own companies with SBIR funds.

This eye-opening Webinar will highlight the overall proposal structure, identify topics covered, explain ways to cross the academic-corporate cultural divide, and describe the NIH timeline. Whether you intend to start your own company or significantly expand your research funding with SBIR, you can gain the knowledge you need to make the decision to participate.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • The methods academics can use to tap into SBIR
  • Transition from academic research to the private sector
  • The proposal’s point of view
  • Academic/corporate cultural issues
  • Topic choice and alignment to the NIH solicitation

This Webinar is Perfect for Academic Researchers Who Want To:

  • Know various ways to tap into SBIR funding
  • Build a research relationship with industry and the private sector
  • Understand the overall structure of an SBIR proposal
  • Appreciate what motivates small businesses to invest their time and effort in SBIR
  • Choose a topic that aligns with the Solicitation and individual interests



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Meet Your Presenter:

Michael Lesiecki, PhD, CRA, received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Oregon State University. He was a Research Professor at the University of Utah and an Associate Professor at the University of Puerto Rico. At Exxon Research and Engineering, Dr. Lesiecki worked as a Senior Scientist and was the director of the Bioscience Division at Candela Laser Corporation. He authored successful SBIR proposals while at Candela, including six Phase I and five Phase II grants to the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Lesiecki left Candela to open Scion Scientific, with a Phase-I SBIR grant from the National Eye Institute. He has 27 peer-reviewed journal publications and a patent. Currently, Dr. Lesiecki is the principal investigator for a large grant from the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education program.

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