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No. 130: Am I Eligible for the NSF CAREER Award?



Reader Question: I work at a public-private non-profit organization.  Am I eligible for the NSF CAREER Award?

Expert Comments:

The answer is yes but, of course, that institution has to meet these five eligibility criteria.

The Five Eligibility Criteria:

  1.  Your organization doesn’t offer a tenure track.
  2.  The research you’re doing must be supported in an area that the NSF supports.
  3.  You have to have a long-term appointment here.  They’re looking at something that’s  going to last at least for the proposed five years of duration of this grant.
  4.  You have to have educational responsibilities in some way.  Let’s suppose you’re  hired just as a pure research professor with no educational responsibilities, that won’t  work.
  5.  Your position and your work have to be aligned to your career goals and the organization goals.

Additional Details:

The types of institutions that are eligible are: four and two-year colleges such as Community Colleges, Non-Profits and Non-Academic Institutions like museums, professional societies, or observatories. All of this would need to be carried in a letter of support. And again, always double check with the program officer by calling him or her just to receive an absolute, final confirmation.


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