Principal Investigators Association

Other Funding Topics

Equipment Grants: How to Win Funding for Your Needed Lab Equipment
This webinar will cover requesting equipment purchases on your NIH research applications, including the R-, P-, and U-series, in addition to the programs specifically targeted to buying laboratory equipment.
Leveraging In-Kind Resources to Get Your Research Started
This webinar will cover some of the resources available for projects and discusses creative ways to use class projects, interns, and/or community members to collect data.
How to Write Winning Methods and Statistical Sections for Government Grant Proposals
This webinar will cover key sections that are necessary to just about any proposal, including how to align the hypothesis, measures, analysis and statistical power sections into a cohesive framework.
How to Prepare Winning Grant Proposals: Key Elements to Success 
This webinar will cover  key elements of preparing successful grant proposals, from carefully identifying potential funding sources through effectively refining text.
Knowledge Management for Research Institutions: A Key Ingredient to Innovation & Product Creation
This webinar will cover the KM strategy, techniques, best practices and application of KM necessary for research institutions to innovate more effectively and shorten the time to bring new products to market.
Secrets to Building a Stellar Research Program
This webinar will provide step-by-step guidance that will help new investigators develop the confidence and skills to build their programs of research and establish a network of senior scientists.
Streamlining the Process of Writing Complex Grant Proposals and Research Paper
This webinar will cover how to ensure compatibility among multiple writers, integrate bibliographic databases, and automate the process of document preparation.
NIH vs. NSF: Which Funding Agency is Right For You?
This webinar will cover the four major areas of difference between the NIH and the NSF to help PIs choose the right one, and prepare targeted, effective proposals increasing their funding chances.
Early Investigators: Launching a Successful Research Career 
This webinar will cover making the right career moves from the start, gaining the confidence to keep your research program on track, and learning time management tactics to make every minute count.
How to Promote & Sustain Your Research Using the Elevator Speech
This webinar will cover how to create effective elevator speeches that can be used with both internal and external audiences.
Hiring a Grant Writer: When, How and Why
This webinar will cover detailed and practical information on the circumstances and types of proposals that would benefit from working with an experienced professional grant writer.
What Do Grant Reviewers Really Want, Anyway?
This webinar will cover how grant reviewers evaluate and score proposals. 
10 Inexpensive Ways to Stimulate Proposal Development
This webinar will review 10 affordable strategies for inspiring researchers to write more and better proposals.
How to Expand Your Research Funding Niche in a Tough Economy
This webinar will cover how to accelerate your search and expand your funding niche by applying the expert strategies.
How to Handle Large, Out-of-the Ordinary Federal Agency Proposals
This webinar will explain, expose and demystify the nuts and bolts of orchestrating large proposals that don’t fit the NIH or NSF models.
Can We Talk? Contacting Grant Program Officers
This webinar will cover the reasons why establishing contact is a necessity and describe a five-step planning model to ensure a positive dialog, including specific questions to ask.
Federal SBIR and STTR: Are These The Right Grants for You?
This webinar will cover if SBIR and STTR are right for your project, and if so, learn the steps you need to follow before preparing your next application.
Writing Excellent Proposals 
This webinar will cover the keys to successful grant writing and sharpen your knowledge on the grant award process to give you immediate and actionable steps to bolster your case.
Successfully Tapping Unusual Sources of Research Funding
This webinar will cover ways to think creatively about stakeholders and how they can help fund your projects.
Grants Budget: Planning & Preparation
This webinar will cover crafting comprehensive budgets and circumvent hazards to budget planning.
The Do’s & Don’ts of Cost Sharing: From the Proposal to the Close-Out?
This webinar will cover which costs are better than others for institutions and how cost-sharing affects the project once it is awarded.
You’ve Received the Notice of Grant Award (NGA). Now What?
This webinar will cover step by step through the basics of grant management and will guide you through many of the grey areas.