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Facilitation Enhances Group Learning

Teaching Scientific Minds:
Facilitation for Group Learning is Key

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facilitating A facilitator of learning is a teacher who does not operate under the traditional concept of scientific teaching, but rather is meant to guide and assist students in learning for themselves. Your expert speaker, Dr. Dorothy Lewis, will discuss different types of learning including conventional and experiential learning along with the strengths and weaknesses of each. She will discuss what the facilitator does in a learning group and how and why that is different from conventional teaching. The setting of such learning and optimal size of the group will also be covered.
During this inspirational Webinar you will learn what methods are used to facilitate learning in a group, as well as ways to improve group learning and overcome obstacles faced by the group. Learn the science involved in getting the most from any group setting and how to read people. Facilitation provides a form of learning that can help the teacher learn as much as the students.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A basic understanding of the process of facilitation.
  • How to set the tone for the group and how to summarize each session.
  • Key ways to improve group interactions.
  • Ways to solve problems in a group.
  • Ways to read a group via social and body cues.

 Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone who is interested in this type of teaching, a new teacher who might want to incorporate small groups into their style of teaching and those who seek best practices and how to improve group learning.

.. Dr. Dorothy Lewis, Professor, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases at the University of Texas Health Science Center has a 25-year history of writing grant applications, including vast experience with the new scoring system. Her successful track record for winning grants has given her a valuable “in the trenches” perspective that can benefit you, at whichever stage you find yourself. She received her PhD in Microbiology in 1978 from the University of Arizona in Tucson. She then pursued an NIH-supported postdoctoral fellowship at the University of New Mexico, School of Medicine in Albuquerque.
In 1985, she published her first paper related to T-cell subset changes in HIV patients and acquired her own independent NIH funding. She has maintained continuous NIH funding since 1985, experiencing both times of multiple grants and times of reduced funding. She is a member of the Training and Workforce Diversity Study Section C, called TWD-C (2012-2016) and former chair of the AIDS Immunology and Pathogenesis study section (2009-2011).
She has been teaching since her graduate school days, in both didactic lectures and in small groups of learners. She received the Marc Dresden Excellence in Graduate education award in 2004 from Baylor College of Medicine and a Dean’s Excellence award for teaching medical students in 2013.  She currently conducts Problem-based learning small groups for medical students.

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