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NIH R01 for Social Sciences: 10 Tips

NIH R01 for Social Sciences: 10 Key Tips to Write a Winning Proposal

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The R01 grant mechanism is NIH’s major vehicle to fund large research projects. Designed for innovative research ideas that have completed exploratory research, almost all NIH institutes and centers use the R01 application both for Requests for Applications (RFA) on specific topics and unsolicited research.
Social and behavioral scientists have long felt that they face an uphill battle to get their research funded as an R01 because many NIH reviewers come from the biomedical sciences or medicine. This Webinar is designed to dispel myths about challenges faced by social scientists applying for R01s and provide some key tips on writing a successful application.

The Webinar will address the following topics:.

  1. The R01 mechanism for social and behavioral scientists, including myths and realities of review of social science proposals at NIH.
  2. How social or behavioral science applications differ from a biomedical proposal.
  3. Key overall strategies for a successful social science proposal.
  4. How to talk to program officers and identify appropriate study sections to review your proposal.
  5. Strategies to write a winning research question, significance, and impact statement for a social or behavioral science proposal.
  6. Explaining your Approach effectively.
  7. Describing effective social and behavioral science research teams in your application.
  8. Differences in the Institutional Resources Statement for social and behavioral science proposals.
  9. Explaining behavioral and social science resource needs in your budget and budget justification.
  10. Writing an effective cover letter to ensure that your application is reviewed by the most
    appropriate review panel and reviewers.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Many NIH Centers and Institutes welcome social science projects, but you need to clearly research where to apply and work with a program officer.
  • How to explain your significance, impact and approach in a way that will make sense to reviewers.
  • The kinds of methods that NIH is looking for in social and behavioral science research now and how best to describe them in a short application.
  • The resources needed for a social and behavioral science application are different than for a biomedical application. How to describe those effectively.
  • The importance of using your cover letter to get your application to the right reviewers.

 Who Should Attend:

  • This Webinar is designed for novice R01 applicants, seasoned R01 applicants wanting to create interdisciplinary projects highlighting social and behavioral science approaches, sponsored research office staff, and professors who teach grant writing or advise graduate students or junior colleagues on applying to NIH for funding.

Dr. Jo Anne Schneider has been writing winning research proposals for social science research projects since the late 1980s. She is a specialist in urban issues, social welfare, health and human services, and health projects with hard to reach populations. A former American Association for the Advancement of Science Policy and Technology Fellow at NIH, she is currently an independent consultant. She has also had a long standing affiliation as a Associate Research Professor at George Washington University.
While at NIH, she designed a model to reach disparities populations for education and health improvement initiatives and evaluated NIH internal dissemination efforts. An expert in research methods who has taught interdisciplinary social science research for over 20 years, key publications include Schneider, J.A. (2006). Using multi-methods ethnography to promote quality service and understand interactions among organizations: Examples from the Kenosha social capital study and neighborhood settlement house needs assessment and evaluation. In J.A. Schneider (Guest Editor), Research methods best practices. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 16(4) 411-428.


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