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Transitioning from and Early Investigator Award to the Coveted R01

Transitioning from an Early Investigator Award to the
Coveted R01

How to Handle the Transition from Early Investigator Award to RO1
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Presenter: Christopher Francklyn, PhD
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Length: 60 minutes

One of the most critical transitions in a PI’s career is from newly appointed Assistant Professor to tenured Professor. In most institutions where the chief criterion for promotion is the development of an externally validated independent scholarly reputation, a critical milestone is obtaining your first substantial major federal grant. In the biomedical sciences, this is referred to as the R01. Obtaining an R01 award where you are the principal investigator, and delivering on the Aims of that proposal, are absolutely essential in your quest to build a scientific reputation. This is essential to encourage experts in your field to write supportive tenure letters.

This information-packed Webinar will focus on detailed strategies for capturing that first R01: a cornerstone of your career.

During this Webinar, your expert presenter will describe approaches that have been successful in building his own career and those of the colleagues for whom he has provided mentoring. The Webinar will focus on five critical steps on the path to that first R01: (1) creating a strategic blueprint for success; (2) building effective time management skills; (3) husbanding and building your local resources; (4) building a research team and effective collaborative network; (5) securing your first R01 grant.

Furthermore, this live Webinar will help you break down what is expected to be a multi-year process into a set of shorter term milestones that will help you perform a valuable self analysis to make sure you are on track. In addition to outlining successful strategies and tips, your presenter will also point out common problem areas where junior investigators can get hamstrung and lose their forward momentum. He will also present approaches for navigating the often difficult balance between your responsibilities to your home institutions, and building your career in the context of your scientific field outside of your institution. Walk away with strategies and informational resources that will help you craft an application strong enough to be highly competitive on the first submission.


Christopher Francklyn PhDChristopher Francklyn, PhD, has been a funded NIH investigator for nearly 25 years, and reported discoveries related to protein synthesis and the genetic coding in leading journals such Nature, Science, Cell, Molecular Cell, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. His work on the molecular recognition of transfer RNA is routinely cited in most standard biochemistry textbooks. He has been a regular NIH reviewer for the last decade and a half, served as the founding Chair of the Molecular Genetics A Study Section, and served on the editorial board of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. during the period of 2010-2011, he served as a regular columnist for the Principal Investigator’s Association Study Section Insider newsletter. He is proud of the many former graduate students, post-doctoral students, and junior colleagues that he has successfully mentored in the process of capturing their early career awards.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • How to devise research funding plans
    in the short, medium, and long term to
    achieve success.
  • How to prioritize your time to help you
    achieve your research goals without
    becoming a bad Departmental citizen.
  • How to use your scientific financial
    resources as “venture capital” to climb
    the grant ladder.
  • How to build a strong internal team and
    rich external scientific network to achieve
    your goals.
  • The importance of presentation in
    converting good questions and
    compelling data into a winning application.

Who Should Attend:

  • This Webinar is recommended for either early stage investigators who are on edge of accepting their first independent appointment, or new Assistant Professors who are planning their first R01 application..



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