Balancing Your Academic and Personal Lives: How to Maintain Equilibrium on the Road to Tenure and/or Promotion
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All too often scientists are stretched wearily thin by competing demands in their academic and personal lives. Whether your struggle is caring for a sick loved one, overseeing a multi-million dollar grant, having a heavy teaching and/or advising load, or finding time to socialize outside of the office, frequently your academic and personal selves can appear to be at odds—if you allow them to be!

Granted, there are times when particular deadlines or activities require late nights/early mornings, or even work on the weekends. However, scientists need to identify boundaries between their academic and personal lives, setting standards for what is and is not acceptable, and then consistently enforce those ideals.

During this interactive Webinar Dr. Brawner identifies challenges PIs face on the road to tenure and/or promotion, and offers suggestions toward maintaining equilibrium in your academic and personal ventures. Further, she provides step-by-step guidance that will help you meet the metrics of evaluation in your respective fields, without losing yourself (or the things that are important to you) in the process.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Strategies to carve out “sacred time” for your own physical, mental, spiritual and emotional restoration
  • Ways to discern if, when and how to say “no” in a politically correct manner
  • Development of targeted plans to stay on top of tenure and promotion expectations, while seeing projects and “to do” list items through to timely completion
  • Identify the importance of not allowing your career to define who you are—it should complement, not define you
  • Learn how to strive for equilibrium in your academic and personal lives, with “self-temperature checks” when one indefinitely appears to be taking precedent over the other

Who Should Attend:

This Webinar is for scientist across career levels who struggle with maintaining equilibrium between their academic and personal lives as they strive for tenure and/or to be promoted in the ranks of their fields.

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Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Bridgette M. Brawner, is a young wife, mother of an active toddler and Assistant Professor of Nursing in the Center for Health Equity Research and the Center for Global Women’s Health at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Through a health equity lens, Dr. Brawner’s program of research focuses on multi-level, multi-method, biobehavioral approaches to sexual health promotion in disenfranchised populations. A dynamic and influential speaker, she has presented locally, nationally and internationally on a range of topics from the development of healthy relationships among adolescents, to surviving in academic environments. Dr. Brawner has more than 10 years of experience in motivational speaking, mentorship and advising, and goal setting to achieve results. Through her warm and witty style, audiences walk away feeling motivated and energized to enhance their lives.

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