The Art of Delegating: Creating a More

Productive Laboratory Environment 

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PIs who are passionate about their work commonly feel “possessive” of it. Especially if they feel close to a breakthrough or see it as their career’s greatest accomplishment. After all, “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself,” correct? Unfortunately, taking on too many tasks alone can undo all the research progress your team could be making. Managing the lab. Training the staff. Performing experiments. Finishing manuscripts. Applying for grants. It’s more than one person can handle. If you’re one of those PIs who holds onto the lion’s share of responsibilities, you may need to explore the benefits of “letting go.”.

In this insightful Webinar, you’ll learn the key to successful delegation, including the necessity of patience, trial and error. Done effectively, delegating not only frees you to complete other tasks, but also gives your team members the autonomy they need to challenge themselves. You’ll learn the art of assigning responsibilities, what tasks to hand off and methods for effectively turning over jobs to a highly skilled scientific team. You’ll also discover when not to delegate and how to avoid an undesirable outcome.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • The ability to delegate demonstrates effective leadership.
  • Allocating responsibilities results in higher productivity.
  • Handing over tasks is critical for managing talented people in a lab environment.
  • Most science professionals crave challenges and more autonomy.
  • Letting go slowly will improve your management skills.

This On-Demand Training is Perfect for Scientists Who:

  • Fear delegation.
  • Need help balancing the task load with project progress.
  • Want to identify the tasks and responsibilities that can be effectively reassigned.
  • Aren’t sure how to match the right tasks to the right people.
  • Want to raise team morale and encourage interaction.

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Meet Your Presenter:

Bryan G. Helwig, PhD, knows how to delegate. He has been a postdoctoral research associate and is currently a research physiologist/principal investigator in environmental pathophysiology while pursuing a masters in management at Harvard University. He has managed both academic and government research labs and additionally is experienced in strategic planning in the scientific environment. Recently, he received funding for two studies on aspects of heat stroke and heat strain and has published numerous abstracts and articles on related biomedical processes.

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