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Get your brand noticed by up to 100,000+ decision-makers!

Founded in 2009, Principal Investigators Association (PIA) is the first and only organization exclusively dedicated to helping Principal Investigators and other research professionals, in all fields of science research, better perform their administrative and managerial duties.

PIA provides you with access to an unparalleled and engaged audience. We’ve become a trusted resource to our advertisers partners by providing relevant, timely content and by working with them to develop new and innovative campaigns.

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  • Unparalleled Access to New Buyers!

    • Increase leads, conversion rates and sales by making your brand messages more noticeable.
    • Reach PIA’s expanding network of some 100,000+ decision-making scientists and researchers.
    • Launch a combined campaign — e-mails, white paper and Website — customized to your specific goals and budget.
    • Leverage PIA’s reputation for management and operational expertise to position your company as a provider-of-choice for lab-based products.
    • Gain qualified prospects — poised to buy — with average lab budgets of more than $250,000.
    • Get in front of thousands of prospects who currently enjoy our free educational products such as: our bi-monthly eNewsletter, and free white paper and webinar downloads.
    • Break through the advertising clutter in science- and technical-based media. PIA is the sole national source providing how-to, expert advice for the “non-science” side of lab research.

    The PIA Advantage

    Industry executives and decision-makers rely on us for high-quality, relevant content that helps them save time, stay connected, and be successful in their industries.


    For additional information, please contact:

    Bill Streight
    Principal Investigators Association

    We will respond to all requests within 48 hrs.

  • Our Audience

    • 75% of our customers hold an MD or PhD.
    • Almost half say they primarily use the internet to obtain information on research products and services.
    • *The average laboratory budget is over $250,000. Please refer to the chart below as an indicator of where grant awardees allocate their funds.

    Our Audience

    *Based on an independent survey done by PIA to existing customers.

  • Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

    PIA offers you a partnership with a number of results-oriented advertising approaches that can be executed independently, or combined, based on your needs.


    • Increase the impact of your e-mail marketing with a customized e-mail campaign.
    • You create the HTML file, we send it to our audience.
    • Target your message to the most relevant prospects.
    • We’ll schedule your e-mail delivery for when people are most likely to check e-mail, increasing the likelihood they’ll read it and take action.


    • White paper content development with our editors’ participation.
    • White paper topics can range from grants and funding to lab management, among others.
    • We create the HTML file promoting the white paper, and we send it to our audience.
    • Excellent lead generation resource.


    • Connect with thousands of new prospects from across the scientific research industry.
    • You provide the Webinar content and speaker, we take care of the rest.
    • Webinars are hosted on PIA’s GoToWebinar platform taking all production hassles away from you.
    • On-demand viewing for 6 months.


    For additional information, please contact:

    Bill Streight
    Principal Investigators Association

    We will respond to all requests within 48 hrs.


  • What Our Past and Current Advertising Partners Are Saying:

    “We found Principal Investigators to be an extremely organized and professional group, and pleased to leverage their advertising vehicle to promote our products. Our brand received thousands of impressions and clicks. Their program provided a high value and made the difference we were looking for to our customers. We plan to continue our participation with Principal Investigators in the future and would highly recommend them
    to others.”
    -Greg Cruikshank, CEO,
    “Many companies have promised that they can deliver new customer leads to our business, however few have been able to fulfill that goal as quickly and as cost-effectively as Principal Investigators. They’ve become a trusted resource for our business and one that we’ll continue to partner with in the future.”
    - Jayson Bernstein, COO, American Laboratory Trading, Inc.
    “The response to our advertising campaign with the Principal Investigators Association far exceeded our expectations. Through a combination of PI eAlerts, custom e-mails and a Web ad, we were able to reach a large group of qualified potential customers, and our month-long campaign actually paid for itself within the first week. Furthermore the staff at PIA was highly knowledgeable, easy to work with, and provided frequent and timely updates on the status of our campaign.”
    -Genevieve Murray, Director of Marketing,
    “I found PIA to be very cost-effective with our marketing campaigns. Additionally, the turn-around time for quotes and updating ad content are impeccable.”
    - Megh Burgess, Auction Marketing Coordinator, EquipNet, Inc.


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    For more information, please fill out our online form, or contact
    Bill Streight via e-mail [email protected].