How to Design a Multi-methods Research Project Funders Won’t Ignore

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Multi-methods projects combine qualitative and quantitative research techniques in ways that blend the strengths of various methods. Increasingly, funders recommend multi-methods projects. But most researchers have training primarily in either quantitative or qualitative methods, leading to projects that unsuccessfully attempt to use multi-methods techniques.

This interactive webinar provides an overview of the process to design truly multi-method projects, helping participants discern which of the many techniques are most useful given different types of research problems.

Your expert presenter, Dr. Jo Anne Schneider, will clarify the general project design, and provide proven implementation strategies and analysis strategies that create effective multi-methods results. Walk away with a clear understanding of the challenges associated with finding funding for multi-methods projects in the current funding climate at NIH, other federal funders, and some foundation funders, and gain expert tactics on how to write a methods justification statement in proposals likely to win funding.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the differences in research approach between qualitative and quantitative methods
  • How to choose the best combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques to address a particular research question
  • Identifying team members with strengths in specific methods and effectively collaborating with them
  • Creating research and analysis designs that use the strengths of both methods and blend them appropriately
  • How to write methods statements for reviewers who are primarily familiar with quantitative methods that appropriately explain multi-methods projects

Who Should Attend?

Investigators interested in developing multi-methods projects, funders and proposal evaluators of multi-methods projects.


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Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Jo Anne Schneider, has been designing and implementing multi-methods research projects since the early 1980s. She has equal training in quantitative and qualitative methods, with experience working with large, quantitatively oriented government contract firms like Westat and developing multi-method team projects at multiple universities. She is a specialist in urban issues, social welfare, health and human services, and health projects with hard to reach populations. She has worked with a combination of government, foundations, national member benefit non-profits, community based organizations, faith communities and marginalized communities (people of color, immigrants/refugees, low income communities, people with disabilities), using multiple methods in all of her projects. A former American Association for the Advancement of Science Policy and Technology Fellow at NIH, she is currently an Associate Research Professor at George Washington University. Recent major projects include the Faith and Organizations Project (www.faithandorganizations.umd.edu), and multiple projects related to social welfare and human services (see home.gwu.edu/~jschneid).

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