Principal Investigators Association
Revising and Resubmitting
Rejected NIH Proposals:
What You Should Know
Before You Try Again

60 Minute On-Demand Webinar available in 3 formats:
MP4, CD-Rom, or PDF Transcript.


Do you currently have an unfunded proposal with high potential for success, but lack the strategies needed to revise and resubmit? Resubmissions have a much higher success rate than initial applications – but only if the correct revisions and appropriate responses are made. Yet resubmissions are not for everyone. First, you must have a systematic process in place for deciding whether or not to revise and resubmit or move on.

During this presentation, your expert presenter digs into the common reasons for rejection by federal funders, and offers practical and effective strategies for revising and resubmitting unfunded proposals.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Strategies to analyze and interpret reviewers’ comments
  • Decision-making process to help you decide whether to revise and resubmit or move on
  • Specific techniques on how to revise proposal components and address reviewers
  • Better understanding of review process and scoring systems
  • Suggestions on building networks and communicating with funding agency

This Webinar is Perfect for Scientists Who:

  • Need assistance reworking their proposals to make them more competitive
  • Are unsure how to effectively target their applications
  • Are unfamiliar with the review process and scoring system
  • Have achieved a low success rate
  • Need to strengthen their communications with funding agencies

On-Demand Advantage:

Avoid the hassles and expenses of traveling to seminars and stay in the comforts of your office. Choose from one of three formats: CD, PDF Transcript or MP4. Listen and watch by yourself, or share this information and instantly train your whole team.

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 Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Marjorie Piechowski, currently Director of Research Support in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has over 25 years of experience in faculty grant development, research administration, and technical writing at three midwest urban universities. These previous positions included Grant Information Specialist at Marquette University and Director of Sponsored Programs and Research at DePaul University. Widely recognized for her expertise in grant development, technical writing and research administration, she has made over 80 invited presentations at regional, national and international meetings. As an independent grant writing consultant she has written more than $13 million in successful grants for these organizations.


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