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Motivating Scientists: Best Practices in Leading People

60 Minute On-Demand Webinar. Available in CD, MP3 or PDF Transcript

Getting the most out of your staff is critical to your research.

Developing, and maintaining, a high level of motivation in your lab is critical to your research success. Don't let laziness, overwhelming egos, and troublesome scientists get in the way. Learn how to lead with confidence and get the most out of your research project.

You are the leader. It is time for more effective leadership!

Your lab will, at some point, get thrown into turmoil. Personality conflicts will undermine teamwork, discrimination will isolate group members, and the creativity essential to great work will vanish. Effective leadership will make your research a success. Are you prepared?

Walk away with evidence-based best practices.

We've teamed up with author Alice Sapienza to give you first-hand case studies and best practices from the lab. Alice has written extensively on the topic and knows exactly the frustration you're experiencing, and will offer proven methods to motivate your scientists.

Take-Away Benefits:

  • Build focused teams while promoting individual achievement
  • Increase productivity, creativity, and innovative thinking
  • Communicate effectively with the group and the organization at large
  • Address the human side of scientists and science

Featured Presenter: Alice M Sapienza, DBA

Alice Sapienza has a rare combination of credentials: bachelor’s degree (magna) in chemistry; master's and doctoral degrees from Harvard Business School; experience as a general manager in a Harvard teaching hospital; consultant to national and international science and technology organizations as well as government organizations; and wide graduate and executive teaching experience. Since 1990, she has been on the faculty of Simmons College, Boston.

Professor Sapienza has written Managing Scientists: Leadership Strategies in Scientific Research (Wiley, 2004 (2nd ed) and Creating Technology Strategies (Wiley, 1997) and is co-author of Leading Biotechnology Alliances—Right From the Start (Wiley, 2001). In addition to publishing in R&D; Management, Project Management Journal, and Journal of Management, she has written numerous case studies of public and private sector bio-medical research organi¬zations, in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Institutions for which she has provided leadership training and coaching include NASA and a variety of private biomedical companies in the U.S. and Europe.

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