Authorship: Get the Full Benefits of
Research Papers

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Too many scientists feel that when their experiments are finished, their job is “done.” It’s all automatic and downhill from there to publication. Wrong! “Authorship” deserves all most as much attention as your benchwork.

Authorship is the currency of modern science and a measure of your participation in the global community. The number of papers, the journals in which they are published and the position of your name on the list of authors are all crucial when it comes to promotions and future funding.

Get the secrets to ethically maximize your recognition as an author:

Number of Papers Dilemma: More & Shorter vs. Longer & Meatier
• Choosing Your Target Journal for Submission, And Why?
• Position of Your Name In the List of Authors(Currents Rules, Challenges)

Join Dr. Dena Plemmons for a 90-minute webinar as she walks you through how to optimize authorship and get the credit you are due.

BONUS: Examine relevant real-life case studies


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Featured Presenter:

Dr. Dena Plemmons is a scientific publication expert working with the UC San Diego Research Ethics Program where she leads multiple seminars, courses and workshops to assist campuses meet NIH and NSF requirements for training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR). Dr. Plemmons holds an adjunct appointment in the Graduate School of Public Health at San Diego State University and has varyingly served as consultant, co-investigator and co-PI on grants from both NIH and NSF dealing with research ethics and research ethics education.