Prepare a More Competitive Major Research Instrumentation Grant Application 

60-Minute On-Demand Webinar. Available in CD, MP4 or PDF Transcript.

When you’re talking BIG BUCKS - like Major Research Instrumentation Grants - the competition is fierce! You need every increment of improvement that you can get. And if you don’t address certain key differences in your MRI application, your funding request could be shut down before it even gets started.

Make sure you understand the unique aspects of NSF’s complex MRI application and get the advice you need to respond successfully to keep your proposal competitive. Without Dr. Markin’s expert advice for addressing the key differences of an MRI grant, your application’s success could be in jeopardy.

During the Webinar, Dr. Markin will show you:

1. Exact MRI program criteria and how to effectively address them — including real-world examples 
2. Tips and tactics taken from successful applications, on how to address challenges of “shared use” and “management plan” 
3. “Broader Impacts” criterion: What it means to your application and how to define it for best results. 
4. Learn the proven methodologies to set your project apart from the crowd and rise above your competitors

Give yourself the tools you need to make sure your MRI grant application arrives in the top tier of NSF’s funding list.

Get a piece of the $90 million MRI-Funding pie!

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Featured Presenter: Karen Markin, Ph.D.

Karen Markin, Ph.D., is director of research development at the University of Rhode Island. Her office assists faculty in all disciplines in finding sources of funding and preparing competitive proposal narratives. It has provided support for grant applications that have results in millions of dollars of awards. She has served as a proposal reviewer for a variety of organizations, including NSF and the U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Markin also published a widely cited series of columns about grantsmanship in the Chronicle of Higher Education. She is a member of the International Communication Association and an adjunct professor of journalism at URI.

This Webinar presentation is brought to you as a training tool by the Principal Investigators Association, which is an independent organization. The presentation, tools presented and their contents are not connected with the National Science Foundation (NSF), nor are they endorsed by this agency. All views expressed are those personally held by the presenter and are not official government policies or opinions.