Can We Talk? Contacting Grant
Program Officers

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In addition to scientific smarts and grant-writing savvy, PIs need relational skills for success in sponsored research. They need to readily establish productive communication with a grant program officer—even before writing their proposals.

Experienced researchers know that published materials about any given subject are only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to must-have information. POs are virtual treasure troves of helpful knowledge—and most are willing to share that guidance with researchers who make the effort to contact them.

This insightful Webinar will reveal the reasons why establishing contact is a necessity for PIs and describe a five-step planning model to ensure a positive dialog, including specific questions to ask. Attendees also get a sample “pre” abstract to use as a template for the first e-mail to a program officer.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Recognizing relational skills as important to success as grant-writing skills
  • Techniques for identifying the appropriate program officer(s) to contact
  • Sample “pre” abstract to model your first written communication
  • Five-step process to initiate and maintain a constructive dialog
  • Model script to guide the conversation

This Webinar is Perfect for PI’s Who Want To:

  • Overcome hesitation or reluctance to approach program officers
  • Understand why program officers welcome inquiries from researchers
  • Identify the appropriate PO to contact
  • Craft an effective “pre” abstract to start the dialog
  • Know the dos and don’ts for asking questions

On-Demand Advantage:

Avoid the hassles and expenses of traveling to seminars and stay in the comforts of your office or home. Choose from one of three formats: CD, PDF Transcript or MP3. Listen and watch by yourself, or share this information and instantly train your whole team.


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Meet Your Presenter:

Robert Porter, PhD, has presented grant-writing and research development workshops at leading universities and medical schools nationwide. Currently Director of Research Development at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Porter has 30 years’ experience as a tenured professor, private consultant and research administrator. His proposals have won more than $8 million in awards from government agencies and private foundations. A national leader in the growing field of research development, he has presented papers and workshops on grant writing at major conferences and has published prize-winning articles in the Journal of Research Administration and Research Management Review. Dr. Porter has previously taught at Virginia Tech, Swarthmore College, Susquehanna University and Eastern Washington University. He holds graduate degrees in Speech Communications from the University of Michigan.

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