You’ve Received the Notice of Grant Award (NGA). Now What?

60-Minute On-Demand Webinar. Available in CD, MP3, and PDF Transcript.

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Congrats, you have been awarded your grant – now what? The thought of managing a sizable grant may seem overwhelming. This seminar will take you step by step through the basics of grant management and will guide you through many of the grey areas. Receiving, spending, and accounting for federal funding is a challenge especially while adhering to programmatic goals. Sit back and listen to our expert grant manager provide tips and techniques to alleviate the misconceptions and make this process anxiety free!

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Our grant expert will give you the answers to these challenging questions:

  • What are the PI’s responsibilities for oversight?
  • Subcontractors: How do they work?
  • Hiring & Supervising Staff: Defining Roles to Meet Your Project Goals
  • Effective Budgets: How to Spend Your Grant Funds
  • When are No-Cost Extensions & Budget Modifications Necessary?
  • Handling Fund Mismanagement
  • Efficient Reporting Strategies
  • How to Plan for the Unexpected: Terminated Grant, Change in Staff, Grant Reduction, and More!

Who should listen? Principal Investigators, Research Assistants, Postdocs, Office of Research Services, Grants Office and anyone else involved in the process of grant management.


  • CD with audio and handouts — Price: $197
  • MP3 audio file only — Price: $197
  • PDF Transcript only — Price: $197

Your expert speaker:

Stacey Abate, M.Ed.

Since becoming a grants professional in 1997, Stacey E. Abate has raised over $19 million from all types of foundations and government agencies. Stacey joined the Department of Institutional Advancement at Georgian Court University in September 2005 and is a contributing editor to the online newsletter Grants and Foundations Review. She is also the New Jersey chapter president of the American Association of Grants Professionals and is a frequent grant reviewer for various departments and agencies within the federal government. She is presenting this topic at the 12th Annual American Association of Grant Professional’s Conference in November 2010.

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