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How to Give an Award
Winning Talk: Preparing an Effective Oral Presentation

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Communicating your work effectively is the cornerstone of success in science. Whether you are giving an in-house Works in Progress or an International Investigator Award talk, how you organize and present your information can influence how your audience perceives your work.

You have only one chance to make the best first impression. Learn how by joining your award-winning presenter as she reveals the nuts and bolts of what should and shouldn’t go into a talk, highlights the main differences between formal and casual presentation styles, and provides surefire tips on the best speaking habits you should incorporate into your presentation, as well as those you should stay away from.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Efficiently organize your formal presentation — best tactics revealed
  • Engage your audience with effective slide development
  • Slide presentation dos and don’ts
  • The psychology of public speaking
  • Expert tips for handling the “public speaking jitters”

 This Webinar Is Perfect for PIs Who Want to:

  • Leave the audience with a clear message about your work
  • Keep audiences engaged in the science that you are presenting
  • Redirect audience questions that detract from the talk’s main message
  • Successfully handle hostile audience members (yes, they are out there) and/or hostile questions
  • Overcome the fears of public speaking to deliver a powerful presentation

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Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Heather Duffy, is an award winning speaker with 15 years of public speaking in science who has been asked to speak on presentation skills at a variety of levels. She is responsible for giving feedback on the Works in Progress in her department for all junior people. In addition, she has trained post-docs, students and technicians to give talks at national meetings, some of which have won awards for their presentations as well. She spends approximately 70% of her time on research with the rest of her time spent on teaching and development of teaching methods.

Dr. Duffy obtained her PhD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Neuroscience (AECOM). Her thesis was on the regulation of junctional complexes. Following a one year Postdoctoral fellowship at AECOM she moved to Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Here her work on the role of gap junctions in formation of syncytial tissues led to studies in cardiology. She moved to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, where she is presently an Assistant Professor of Medicine. Her work here focuses on the role of gap junctions in the formation of the arrhythmogenic substrate of Sudden Cardiac Death.

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