What Do Grant Reviewers Really Want, Anyway?
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Review panels hold the fate of your proposal in their hands, yet PIs frequently know little about reviewers’ personal perspectives and behaviors — which are critical factors that could lead to your proposal’s support or rejection.

What are they looking for as they read your application? What common mistakes should you avoid? What do they like and what annoys them? By focusing on these key power brokers’ needs and requirements, you can shape your grant proposal in ways that will enhance your chances for success.

Join us for this insightful webinar, and walk away with a deeper understanding of how grant reviewers evaluate and score proposals. Plus, follow these insider tips to ensure you include the specific criteria reviewers are looking for.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Identify the five key characteristics you must build into each proposal to be successful
  • Understand why the abstract is the most important writing you will do
  • Know how to avoid the most common mistakes that cause good ideas to be rejected
  • Understand the typical dynamics and procedures of grant review panels
  • Learn how grant reviewers view the strengths and weaknesses of the peer review system

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Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Robert Porter, has presented grant writing and research development workshops at leading universities and medical schools nationwide. Currently Director of Research Development at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Porter has 30 years’ experience as a tenured professor, private consultant and research administrator. His proposals have won more than $8 million in awards from government agencies and private foundations. A national leader in the growing research development field, he has presented papers and workshops on grant writing at major conferences and has published prize-winning articles in the Journal of Research Administration and Research Management Review. Dr. Porter has previously taught at Virginia Tech, Swarthmore College, Susquehanna University and Eastern Washington University. He holds graduate degrees in Speech Communications from the University of Michigan.

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