Beyond the Grad Student — Teaching Undergraduates Through Research 

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Undergraduate research is a field of its own, experts say, and you shouldn’t enter it as a second choice to the R01 environment.

So what’s so different between the undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate labs? Not as much as you might think. Nonetheless, you need to know what you can expect from this generally younger group … especially your undergraduate research assistant.

This on-demand training will provide you with the tools and strategies for shaping your undergrad research project results into significant, publishable findings. You’ll learn which techniques, attitudes and research skills you should teach these new researchers.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • What you need to know to keep your project on track
  • Some funders actively seek to support young scientists … Here’s where to look
  • Networking opportunity: National organizations offer support for undergrad researchers
  • Offer a life-changing experience – How to have a positive effect on your young advisee
  • Learn from youth: Undergraduate research teaches you skills and attitudes that will last a lifetime

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Meet Your Presenter:

Thomas R. Blackburn, PhD — since 2003, Dr. Blackburn has been principal of Thomas R. Blackburn Grants Consultancy, a consulting service that offers proposal writing workshops for colleges, universities, and scientific societies, and individual counseling on proposal preparation (www.science-funding.com). He holds undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Carleton College and Harvard University, respectively. After a thirty-year career in college science teaching, he joined the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (ACS-PRF) as Assistant Program Administrator, retiring as Senior Program Officer in 2002. In the latter capacity, he managed over 3000 grant proposals (soliciting and reading over 10,000 expert peer reviews) and recruited panelists for and participated in dozens of proposal funding conferences.


This Webinar presentation is brought to you as a training tool by the Principal Investigators Association, which is an independent organization. The presentation, tools presented and their contents are not connected with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nor are they endorsed by this agency. All views expressed are those personally held by the presenter and are not official government policies or opinions.