Grants Management: Tackling

Compliance Requirements Like a Pro

60-Minute On-Demand Webinar Available in CD, MP4 and PDF Transcript.

Although every PI recognizes the need for compliance they often wish someone else would worry about it. The NIH defines compliance in part as the effective management of public funds to maximize research outcome. Compliance also implies the avoidance of mismanagement of federal funds.

Recent reviews of audit findings at Universities point out several compliance issues including Conflict of Interest. Unfortunately, identifying and managing the many potential sources of conflicts of interest is not that simple.

Additionally, although many PIs seem to understand the rules and regulations with Human Studies Research – ensuring compliance with the Institutional Review Boards that oversee this type of research is easier said than done. There are also several “special cases” that involve complying with procedures and regulations for participant support and program income. Both of which are closely scrutinized by auditors.

During this insightful webinar, your expert presenter, Dr. Michael Lesiecki, delineates how to develop a management process that results in fulfillment of compliance, shares effective approaches for easing the burden of data management, provides proven methods for managing conflicts of interest, and much more.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • How to develop a management process that results in fulfillment of compliance
  • A simple and effective approach for easing the burden of data management
  • Expert strategies for managing conflicts of interest
  • How to arrange for training for the PI and or staff to get started on the right foot
  • Creating independent systems to track and use program income and to ensure participant support funds are only allocated as allowed

Who Should Attend:

PI’s, Research Teams, Grants Management, Sponsored Program Office and Administrative personnel. This series can and will catalyze a strong working relationship with grants accounting, grants management, research and the PI’s team.

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Meet Your Presenter:

Michael Lesiecki, PhD, is the principal investigator for a large grant from the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education program. He has 27 peer-reviewed journal publications and one patent. He received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Oregon State University. He was a Research Professor at the University of Utah and an Associate Professor at the University of Puerto Rico. At Exxon Research and Engineering, Dr. Lesiecki worked as a Senior Scientist and at Candela Laser Corporation he was the Director of the Bioscience Division. He authored successful NIH Small Business Innovation Research proposals at Candela. Dr. Lesiecki currently serves on proposal review committees for the NSF, Department of Education and Department of Labor.

This Webinar presentation is brought to you as a training tool by the Principal Investigators Association, which is an independent organization. The presentation, tools presented and their contents are not connected with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nor are they endorsed by this agency. All views expressed are those personally held by the presenter and are not official government policies or opinions.