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Making the Move from the Academic to the Commercial
Lab: What You Should Know
Before You Go “All In”

60-Minute Live Webinar on Thursday, January 17th at 2:00 PM EST.

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Training for a career in science begins with formal theoretical and practical instruction at an academic institution, often followed by advanced training and eventual employment also at an academic institution. This career path is one which has been historically taken by most scientists.

In recent years, increasing numbers of academic scientists are choosing commercial laboratories to pursue their research careers. This shift in career path is driven to a large degree by the eroding of financial support for academic scientists, as evidenced by the downward trend in the funding rate for grants submitted to the NIH, NSF, and private foundations. Perhaps the greatest challenge for an academic scientist contemplating a move to a commercial laboratory is to adjust their thinking of ‘doing science for science sake’ to ‘doing science for commercializing a product’.

This insightful Webinar will cover areas to be considered when making this career change, including the culture of the commercial laboratory working environment, career advancement, scientific recognition, mentoring, and availability of opportunities.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Similarities and difference between academic and commercial laboratory working environments
  • Suggestions on how to increase your autonomy and independence in conducting research at a commercial laboratory
  • How to ‘hedge your bets’ so that deadlines and milestones are reached
  • Balancing publishing and intellectual property generation
  • The difference in costs between academic and commercial laboratory research

Who Should Attend:

Any academic PI, scientist, post-doc, graduate student, technician contemplating a move from a university-based research laboratory to a commercial biotechnology or pharmaceutical development laboratory.

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Dr. John Ludlow recently joined Zen Bio Inc. as Executive Director, Regenerative Medicine, and simultaneously serves as Chief Scientific Officer of Brite Bio Inc., a North Carolina biotechnology company founded in 2012. After spending 10 years conducting tumor suppressor research at the University of Rochester Cancer Center in New York, Dr. Ludlow went on to become Director of the Cell Therapy Program for Incara Pharmaceuticals, then Senior Director of the Cell Therapy Program at Vesta Therapeutics, and  eventually moving on to Senior Director, Process Research and Assay Development at Tengion, Inc.  He has authored over 90 scientific publications, developed and managed research and pre-clinical programs, initiated clinical trial sites, directed development activities for cell therapy and tissue engineered products,  and has worked closely with regulatory agencies and consultants to help ensure approval of the company’s products.


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