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The R01 Research Project Grant is by far the most heavily-funded grant mechanism at the National Institutes of Health — with nearly $1.6 billion awarded last year — the success rate for R01 applications is less than 19%. The R01 — along with other NIH mechanisms — is only continuing to become increasingly competitive.
In order to make your proposal stand out and inspire reviewers to push your application forward, you need all the edge you can get.
Start here! This unique educational pack offers insight from experts in the field, as well as secrets from successful applicants you won’t find anywhere else. 

Executive Report: Insider Tips to Win R01 Funding: Reviewers & Successful Applicants Share Their Secrets
Get ahead of the competition today by following the expert guidance found inside this executive report. It includes over 20 pages of how-to information, mistakes to avoid, strategies to help you score big with reviewers and much more!
Gain Expert Insight on:

  • How You Present Your Work Can Make or Break Your R01 Proposal
  • How to Make Your Specific Aims Shine
  • Impressing Reviewers with Your ‘Impact’: Will the Results of Your Proposed Work Have Great Meaning?
  • Nail Your Approaches: Avoid These Serious Mistakes
  • Tout Your Innovation: Don´t Miss Your Chance to Get Reviewers on Board
  • How R01 Compares to Other Research Grants

Format: PDF eBook

Executive Report: R01 Research Strategy: Insider Tips to Ace the Most Important Part of Your Proposal
One particular part of your proposal will make or break your chances of funding. The Research Strategy section of NIH’s R01 grant proposals is the true “meat” of the entire application. You’ll likely find yourself spending the greatest amount of time and effort on composing your Research Strategy — which is a smart thing.
Gain Expert Insight on:

  • Break It Down: How to Simplify Your Significance Section
  • Significance Vs. Impact — How to Tell the Difference
  • Innovative Vs. ‘Feasible’ — What You Need to Prove
  • How to Organize Your Approach Section
  • What Kinds of Data You Should Present
  • What to Include in Your Progress Report
  • And much more!

Format: PDF eBook

On-Demand Webinar: Crafting Your R01 Proposal like the Pro’s: 10 Insider Tips Revealed
During this 50-minute session Dr. Dorothy Lewis shares her top 10 tactics to help you craft a competitive proposal. Dr. Lewis has a 25-year history of writing grant applications, including vast experience with the new scoring system. Her successful track record for winning grants has given her a valuable “in the trenches” perspective that can benefit you, at whichever stage you find yourself. Don’t miss out on this invaluable advice from a veteran grant winner!
.Key Take-Aways:

  • Is RO1 Mechanism Right for You?
  • How to Determine if the Work is HOT!
  • How to Make Specific Aims Count
  • Key Differences Between Impact and Significance
  • The Biggest Mistake Made by Both New and Old Investigators
  • Why Your Writing Style Matters
  • And More!

Format: 60-Minute On-Demand Webinar in MP4 format

Bonus: 50 Pearls of NIH Grant Application Wisdom

Finally, there is a useful quick-reference card that you can use to complete your grant proposal and help you get more money from the NIH.

Principal Investigators Association has teamed with grant application experts, to bring you “50 Pearls of NIH Grant Application Wisdom.” Keep this convenient card at your desk, and apply these time-tested tips to your NIH grant application.

Knowing how to maximize the NIH grants process is key to your lab’s success, and getting through the NIH short form maze is even more so. Here is a collection of critical do’s and don’ts that will help you quickly understand the steps you need to take, the missteps to avoid, and the path to follow to get to your NIH grant money.

Whether you are applying for a $10,000 grant or a $1 million grant, these 50 pearls will help get your research funded.

Format: 2-page reference card in PDF format

Educational Pack—Limited-Time Offer Until August 28th: Only $299 $59!
*Please note: Your pack includes 2 Executive Reports in PDF format, 1 On-Demand Webinar in MP4 format with the PDF Presentation Handouts and a Bonus Reference Card in PDF format. All these products will be available immediately via a download link after purchase.

This educational pack is brought to you as a training tool by the Principal Investigators Association, which is an independent organization. The information presented and its contents are not connected with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or the National Science Foundation (NSF), nor are they endorsed by these agencies. All views expressed are those personally held by the author and are not official government policies or opinions.

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