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“The NIH R01 grant application mentor has been invaluable to me in writing successful grant applications at a time when funding is extremely tight. I’m happy to say that using the advice in the manual I have written grants that have been funded, providing much needed support for my research lab during these difficult times. I recommend the manual to all researchers, whether new or established.”

- Anonymous
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

“Although I have served as an NIH grant reviewer for more than 20 years, the R01 Grant Application Mentor has significantly enhanced my efforts as a reviewer and in the preparation of my own R01 grant this year.”

- Dr. Joseph C. Hall
Professor, Norfolk State University

“The RO1 manual was very helpful in teaching me how to use the new RO1 grant format. I had over 25 years of experience with the old format but the new shorter format was challenging, given the need to spread through different sections the message of the grant. I was able to renew my two NIH grants with percentiles of 8% and 1% last year.”

- Anonymous
Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

“A very comprehensive coverage of the “new” NIH R01 application that has contributed to submission of successful applications. A definite contributor to success, and a must for the first time applicant.”

- Bert Little, Assoc. VP Research
Tarleton State University - Texas A&M System

“An outstanding resource for those performing research for NIH. As processes change, the Manual provides easy access to the latest information. My investigators are able to answer many questions; I can give them a heads-up about new issues facing investigators trying for NIH support. It needs to be ‘on my shelf.’”

- Anonymous
Carl T. Hayden Medical Research Foundation

“The R01 Manual provided a highly useable format for building R01 and the SBIR proposals for NIH submission. Our team learned new key structures that really helped in building a complex proposal for NIH submission; especially as related to significance of the proposed project.”

- Stanely Patton
President/Chair/Principal Investigator
HERS, llc.Health Education Research Systems

“The R01 manual has been a tremendous resource for our office. It goes beyond other guides by providing context to the R01 application process as well as truly useful tips and examples. I highly recommend it.”

- Anonymous
Saint Francis University

“I purchased the RO1 Manual last year prior to our first NIH grant submission. I used a printed copy for reference during the proposal development and submission processes. My copy is now well marked and dog-eared! Our proposal is still pending, but the submission made it through the process with no errors, which was one of my biggest fears as a research administrator. I look forward to the new edition, as I have more R01s on the board for submission.”

- Geno Clark
Director of Sponsored Programs
Paine College

“The manual was very helpful to myself and other members of the Epilepsy Center. I strongly recommend it.”

- Director
Cleveland Clinic

“The manual has been used to structure a faculty development program focused on increasing external funding in the College of Nursing.  It has been well received by participating faculty, all of whom are on the path to an external grant application.   It is clear and easy to comprehend, closely linked to NIH guidelines and filled with useful examples.”

- Anonymous
University of Toledo College of Nursing

“This is the best you can have to write your R01. It says what your best mentors recommend!”

- Tobias Eckle
Associate Professor
UC Denver

“It has been a huge help! So glad to have it, especially for our new-to-NIH faculty members.”

- Beth Keithly
Assoc. Director for Research Development
UT Dallas