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Publishing is a vital communication tool in the sciences and contributes to its progress. However, many researchers are often frustrated at the length of time involved in the Peer Review Process as well as the time requirements between submission and publication.

If you are contemplating or are in the process of submitting your research manuscript to a peer-review journal, this Webinar is perfect for you. Not only will your expert presenter clearly define the structure and operation of the Peer Review Process, but he will also provide insider insight as to why manuscripts get rejected, thus helping you avoid the most common mistakes, as well as what you should and shouldn’t do if your manuscript has been rejected.

By having a better understanding of the Peer Review Process you can significantly increase the likelihood of the acceptance of your submitted manuscript. This expert guidance can make all the difference. Register today!

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Ways to increase the odds that a manuscript will be accepted for publication
  • What to do if a submitted manuscript is rejected
  • Understanding the criteria used to Accept, Modify, or Reject a manuscript
  • Gain a clear understanding of the Peer Review Process
  • Common errors that can result in rejection of a submitted manuscript

Who Should Attend:

Principal Investigators, Co-PI, researchers, and individuals are planning to submit a manuscript to a peer reviewed journal. Authors that wish to understand the Peer Review Process. Authors whose manuscript was rejected.

Limited-Time Registration and Price:

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Dr. Steven A. Koehler MPH, PhD, Forensic Epidemiologists, has been involved in designing and conducting research projects and functioned as an adviser for various biomedical research studies for the past 20 years. He has been involved in numerous committees, review boards, and as a reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals. He was one of the founding member of the International Journal of Forensic Nursing and is a member of its review board. He is a specialist in the areas of forensic epidemiology, epidemiology, causation analysis, death investigation, and issues relating to forensic medicine. He has worked with government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, industry, non-profit community based organizations and the legal community as a forensic consultant and expert witness. He is the Director of Forensic Medical Investigations, a forensic consulting firm. The former Chief Forensic Epidemiologist for the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office, he is currently an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh, where he teaches a class in Forensic Epidemiology. He has also published 4 books, chapters within text-books, and numerous peer-reviewed articles covering topics such as death investigation of SIDS, drug deaths, suicide, accident investigation, and the peer-review process. Recent projects include editing and writing a textbook on Environmental Epidemiology and other multiple projects related to forensic epidemiology and causation analysis.

This Webinar presentation is brought to you as a training tool by the Principal Investigators Association, which is an independent organization. The presentation, tools presented and their contents are not connected with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nor are they endorsed by this agency. All views expressed are those personally held by the presenter and are not official government policies or opinions.